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Naik Navare Spira
Leading in Swimming pools construction company in pune

Offer unlimited design options, sizes and shapes. A vinyl pool is also less expensive than a fibreglass pool or concrete pool. Vinyl liners are not limited in colours and patterns.

FRP pools

FRP Swimming pools
Get FRP/ Ready-made swimming pool installed anywhere in India.

They are basically shells made of fibreglass, ideal for Concrete Restriction Zone and building on terraces. 

Concert pools

46 banyana tree-services
We are one of India's Top Swimming pools design company in Pune.

concrete pools are widely demanded because they can be customised as per space available and can be cast in different shapes and sizes as per any design. they also last a very long time.


jacuzzi- services
We been designing and building Fountais and Jacuzzi

A hot tub is used for hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure. Some have powerful jets for massage purposes. They are used for Stress relief, headaches, fatigue and soreness. They also minimise the pain of arthritis, lower diabetic blood sugar and pressure levels.

Steam and Sauna

Steam Bath
We been designing and building Sauna & Steam pools for you.

Saunas (Dry heat) are used both for recreational and therapeutic purposes, with most people utilizing them as a relaxation tool that also provides health benefits and weight loss. Our sauna room is well designed with wood panels making for pleasant seating.


spa photo
A spa swimming tub is exactly what you need to lay back and relax.

health through water – A spa has many health benefits which help the individual lower their blood pressure and even sleep better.


We construct & design Swimming pools, fountains,etc.


Everyone has a little stress in their life and could use some stress relief and relaxation at the end of a hard day.  With its soothing sounds of flowing water your water fountain will bring stress relief and relaxation to your environment. 


Under water lights

swimming pools-lighting
We construct and design underwater lighting swimming pools.


Pool lighting is one of the best ways to transform your outdoors and bring a unique glam to your residence.  Pool lighting helps to create a backyard ambiance and provides a refreshing aura to your guests. Nowadays the technology has been updated, you can have energy- efficient LED pool light.

UV plants

uv system
A UV pool system eliminates up to 90% of chlorine & nearly 100% of chlorine side effects.

An ultraviolet (UV) pool system uses the power of ultraviolet light to enable pool and spa owners to lower the chemical content and eliminate chlorine byproducts, making pools safer, healthier and easier to maintain. UV pools systems destroy pathogens that enter your water and reduce the need for chemicals.

all Chemicals & Accessories

We provide swimming pool accessories.


You may purchase all Pool chemicals, such as chlorine and bromine and any other required chemical from us.  Chemicals are added to treated venues ( pools, hot tubs/spas, and water playgrounds) to protect swimmers from the spread of germs and prevent outbreaks.

Automatic filtration system

hi-tech Filtration plants
We provide customized Automatic filteration system for pools

Remove operator involvement with automatic filtration system. The system continuously monitors your filtration process, enabling the filter to run efficiently without operator involvement. This means reduced labor costs and increased productivity.