Swimming Pools Contractor

swimming pools contractor
We design and construct swimming pools with proper architecture as per your requirements

We provide shapes of pools after visiting the site and checking out levels and understanding the clients requirements. Once design is finalized we provide structural designs , plumbing and wiring drawing with site visits and supervision at all stages.

Turnkey Projects

Swimming tiles
We design & construct turnkey swimming pools


We execute total projects from  excavation to completion. We provide turnkey swimming pool services, starting from designing – layout – pool construction – pool pumps – filtration – tiling – maintenance. We handle and manage everything related to Swimming Pools.

Ready Made Swimming Pools

FRP Swimming pools
Get FRP pools installed within no time and enjoy the luxury.


After understanding your requirement. We design your swimming pool to your specification adhering to all safety standards.

Jacuzzi & Fountains

fountains lighting
We designing and building them since the concept first arrived in India

“Environmental clearance” is the procedure to get clearance from the government for the ‘installation’ and ‘modification’ of certain projects. Environmental clearance is mandatory for the projects which can cause high environmental pollution.

Swimming Pool Renovation

Renovate Your Pool Now to Save Money Later

Refurbishing your old swimming pool with high quality, natural materials and upgraded technology can refresh a dilapidated swimming pool and turn it into a stunning water feature with added functionality and far lower running costs.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

We Provide Quality Swimming Pool Maintenance Services at an affordable cost.

Enjoy your pool and leave the maintenance to us. Clean water and balanced water chemistry are the keys to pool maintenance. We have regular routine checks to clean the pool and maintain the chemical balance, test the pH in the water and much more.